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Hello, I'm Ryon!

I am an experienced DJ with over a decade in the music and entertainment industry in various establishments in the North East of England. 

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My story so far...

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How did you start your DJ career?


Right from a young age I had a love of Music and no matter what I was doing, I would be listening. From sitting at home and trying to record a song off the radio onto tape and stop it before the presenter came back on, to buying my first album. Music was a love right from the start and I immersed myself into it. As I started to get older, I fell in love with the art of mixing music together and seeing that it was possible to create something completely different.


What music were you into at the beginning?


I was very much into the late nineties and early noughties golden RnB, back when almost every song was a hit! It still more than holds it’s own against the tracks that come out nowadays.


What about now?


I love to mix and my style has definitely evolved over the years and having played in a wide variety of incredible clubs and bars over the years and would like to think I've made a smooth transformation into a DJ you'd class as 'cool'. I have a genuine love for most genres and decades and I am able to diversify and adapt my sets to the energy in the room.


When did you decide on DJing as a profession?


It started out really as just a hobby, doing something I loved and getting paid a fee for it, felt amazing. As I progressed and gained experience, I started to hone my skills and take it seriously, keeping a close eye on various music scenes and trends to ensure that I was able to cater to any crowd.


As I moved around venues and started to receive offers, I realised that I was on to something, that I brought value to the venues that I represented and I was educating crowds along the way.


Throughout that timeframe I was constantly being asked if I would DJ weddings and this was something I never really thought of doing as it is someone’s big day and a lot of pressure therefore goes into making sure it is perfect. However the more weddings I attended as a guest, the more I was noticing that brides and grooms were, in the main, being short changed when it came to the evening entertainment. They were taking on what they thought were professionals who were then turning up (if they even turned up at all) with sub-par equipment, ill-prepared with little to no consideration that this was the most important day of their client’s life. I knew I could bring more value to this sector and started looking to gain experience in weddings.


So how did you end up becoming a wedding host?


I was introduced to a wedding host by Pat Mulligan who is one of the very best in the country. I was able to see first hand the benefit that a wedding host can bring to the day and how they build the energy throughout the day having build a rapport with the guests.

I attended some training for Wedding Hosts and began my journey into perfecting the skills required with real life experience.

So much so that the Wedding Hosting is actually the fastest growing service that I am being requested to perform.


How do you like to bring a wedding to life as a wedding host?


It starts with really getting to know my couples, meeting them and their wedding party and gaining a granular level of understanding of what has brought them together, what makes them tick and what brings them out the most.


At the ceremony you are making introductions, reassuring the wedding party and helping to direct guests. Making sure the ceremony music is ready to matched perfectly to their needs and basically being on hand to ensure no detail is missed.


Once at the wedding breakfast I really enjoy creating entertaining wedding entrances with the perfect music for each member of the wedding party. Bringing a high energy to the room and really setting the day off on the right path. As the wedding breakfast continues, I am subtly making my way around the guests and talking to them on a personal level, reassuring them and building a sense of trust and rapport.


I'll ask questions and try and find out the type of music they love, the eras they headed out clubbing and the moments on the hen or stag party I can reference. I use all the information the guests give me to build an even better picture and create the right playlist to make the evening party absolutely amazing.


I will interact with the guests and incorporate classy and interactive participation activities with them which will add to the mood and energy whilst ensuring there are no lulls or gaps throughout the meal period. All of this is the perfect formula to ensure the energy slowly builds from from the ceremony right through to the crescendo of the evening entertainment.


What are you doing when you are not hosting or DJ’ing a wedding?


A common misconception is that the Wedding Host or DJ just turns up on the day with little to no preparation. For specialists like myself that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the days, weeks and months leading up to the big day I am arranging meetings with my couples, going over the timeline of the day, working on playlists and themes, visiting venues and going to rehearsals to ensure every detail has been considered and prepared for.

For me the service I am providing is to ensure the most perfect day for my couple, and I will do anything and everything within my power to ensure that is delivered.

Ryon the DJ, Ryon the DJ Logo, Wedding DJ, DJ Near Me, Dancing


If you want a knowledgeable, skilled and professional DJ, please get in touch. 

07814 114580

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